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Song Name Nana Nie Singer(s) King Nhemy Composer(s) Nhemy Lyricist(s) Nhemy Music(s) Nana Nie Album Nana Nie Music Label Nhemy   Nana Nie | King Nhemy Lyrics Nana Nie Lyrics Verse I got a gift, I am righteous Now I

On April 24, 2022, the world witnessed the birth of another Jesus-inspired album from 3one6. In collaboration with ACE PIZZI, DB released their debut album “DISCOVERY” to all major streaming platforms. The album featured some of 3one6’s finest artists who collaborated with some Drill music, Trap

RTJ Lyron [GodFlow] ft Pizole   Chorus  2x Nʼadom no ebu meso aanhh  aanhh  Nhyira no ebu me so ohh ohh ohh Nti na m3kafo wo oo  Nti na m3yi wʼay3 oo  Nti na m3da wʼase oo eehh eeh   1st verse   Uhuh s3 mʼatriki wo  This right here go dey edify you Woto woboase

Yesu Agye Me - Nhemy ft Dani Lambano and Kobi Netwon   Hook   Yesu Agye Me nti m'ani agye Enkane mekor asore aa Agye afe afe Now I'm up above the world nso menhy33 ase I see glory glory glory I see Glory Glory I see   Verse 1   Me nnimu s3 ade3 no mu b3y3

Still On God - Nhemy [Verse] I came for the win and I no fi stress am too much The lines keep falling unto me in pleasant places Me den ma saints all, we chok it for the top Like dem garden city boys, yɛyɛ dͻm, this that Holy nation   Ain't

Mission - Nhemy   Verse   It's either you a member or a snake Black mambas in the garden And Snape is the professor He's been Slytherin with a man. disobey the Potter like We ain't walking in the truth, not what the father likes It is far in our dark, that's where there's

Holy Ghost Speed Lyrics   Verse   Angel armies on the front line Invincible, I'm on the Lord's side It's a mismatch for the dark side Brought a big tank to a short fight   Elevated with the Most High High above, I am hid in Christ On the inside, I am full of light So light,

Child of God - DB ft Shady Maine and Brisen Intro I'm a child of the most High God I'm a child of the most High King Yeah Yeah Hook I am a child of God yeah I'm the beloved of God  yeah so full of the Holy Ghost fully led by the Spirit