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Song Name Nana Nie Singer(s) King Nhemy Composer(s) Nhemy Lyricist(s) Nhemy Music(s) Nana Nie Album Nana Nie Music Label Nhemy   Nana Nie | King Nhemy Lyrics Nana Nie Lyrics Verse I got a gift, I am righteous Now I

Verse 1  All my days days Ebi God ein grace wey dey keep me yeah I said All by His grace No be my strength or works wey e save me o Ebi God ein grace wey e save me o He send His Son to die for me o He has

Dance Like David Sikapa's verse Not a day not a day l dey struggle I got God by my side so l no dey fumble Nothing dey wey he no fit to handle Ernnnn yahhhhh Took me far away from the Devil Anything l dey want you give me double You make my

Glorious in all of your ways and none compares to you Holy King, ruler of the universe how great are you? Impeccable, Unmatchable, you rescue from the crucible No two face, no mask up, but you ain’t finna catch a flu I’m made for worship, the guns blazing a

LIGHT IT UP - Nhemy ft Shika   I know heaven, I live far away But I’m right here and shining all day Morning star with glory light beams Light years away   Way beyond the sky Shining like the sun yeah yeah We are the light, so we no fi hide ey yeah In

RTJ Lyron [GodFlow] ft Pizole   Chorus  2x Nʼadom no ebu meso aanhh  aanhh  Nhyira no ebu me so ohh ohh ohh Nti na m3kafo wo oo  Nti na m3yi wʼay3 oo  Nti na m3da wʼase oo eehh eeh   1st verse   Uhuh s3 mʼatriki wo  This right here go dey edify you Woto woboase