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God Flow – Nhemy Lyrics

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God Flow – Nhemy


Mic check, three-four, I’m coming with the God flow
Me den Yesu we dey ride, pull up in a lambo
Look at God intervene, the land is green, He said so
It’s not a dream, I confess, I make my future stay woke

Laying low, I got love, like TV screens I let it show
We are bold. We are lions in this world. Don’t tippy toe
Oh the devil’s already conquered, I plan to keep it so
Ohene ba a osuro bonsam, onua dofo metee bi da oo

Pride of life, lust and the fame, oboa emfii no mpo
Don’t test, walk in the Spirit, you’ll tame the libido
I no be Alidu en pet, boy I’m the real GOAT
I’m the greatest of all time, my Father made it so

I go marvel at this movie, I await the last show
Not arrogance, I believe the scriptures said I’m blessed bro
Joint heir, Son of God, I’m a GOD, now you know
Was a slave but the blood sets free, Django

Meet the Son, He is God, yefre no Yesu Kristo
Yeah the Father came all the way like it’s finding Nemo
Three days in the grave, you will miss inferno
Open your heart and let Him in. Let Him set the table

Talk with with, fellowship like you in the same boat
Trouble come, make you no run. You no be Usain Bolt
He got your back, stay chill, ma no fans, fre no Ogboo
When the Spirit’s all you got, all you pour is God flows