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Hello Greenlight

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If you are a follower of 3one6 Music then you know that we repjesus through the latest contemporary urban gospel music. You must have heard of the dynamic duo that form the group Greenlight. We are talking about Koby Newton and Phil. We had a little chat with them about their upcoming album and Greenlight and here is what they had to say.

Greenlight was pre-destined

I guess Greenlight just happened. But what really kicked started it was the song “Child of God” which we created on a small outreach on campus to hype One Life Jam in 2017. After that, we created a few more songs and considering the fact that we clicked so well we decided to make it a collective. I mean two heads are better than one right?

Phil and I got to work on the song “

      Young Wise & Free - Marilyn Jahara/Adobea/Phil/Kobi Newton

I was asked to add a verse for a ministration at Asafo branch of Love Economy Church. While working on that song we had the opportunity to really bond and get to know each other’s flow even more. So Greenlight was officially born in 2018. I’d say that the Just Dance song is the official announcement of the group.?

Welcome To God’s Family (WTGF)

The name of the Album will be WTGF, an acronym which stands for “Welcome To God’s Family”. The album is set to have hit songs like Child of God, Soul Winner, Regular, Fire and many others on it as well. The genre is mainly going to be hip hop and rap. However, there’ll be touches of Afro-pop and soul/RnB. Some songs won’t even have rap on them! Through our music, we touch on topics that have to do with the New Life and the everyday Christian. The release date hasn’t been finalized yet. But hopefully, before this year ends we should all be blessed by this album.

Phil is deep. His verses and pieces are often profound in nature and you can expect a lot of puns and punches. And I bring on a flow… – Kobby Newton

WTGF will be the second album released under the 3one6 Music Group label so if The New Life Album Blessed you then keep an eye out for this because it is the latest music in Ghana. Feel free to download gospel music and other 3one6 songs.