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Just Dance track is lit

Just Dance - Greenlight

This year’s Jam of the year, One Life Jam, is dubbed Just Dance and we just can’t wait to dance to the Lord in a special way. The whole 3one6 crew is preparing to minister the awesomeness of dance to the world.

Phil, Newton and Shady are three versatile rappers who have teamed up and produced the much anticipated Just Dance song. The Just Dance song was released on Sunday, 9th September 2018 in all Love Economy Churches worldwide. That’s right, we will be jamming in Church this Sunday so make it a point to be there.

You might remember Phil from last year’s jam. Phil and Newton have teamed up and are now known as Greenlight. They are about to release an album together. Yes, you read right. A brand new album is just on the horizon from these two hardcore Jesus rappers of the 3one6 music crew. If this isn’t enough reason to be at the this year’s One Life Jam then…

Listen and share the hit song now.

      Just Dance (feat. Shady) - Greenlight