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The King Nhemy has been silent on the throne all year, but now we know why. On the 20th of June 2022, He introduces us to the Second Man, who is the reason why we are second to none.

He reiterates the reason for the new us, Jesus, as he dissects rhema with creative lines that are sure to both edify and keep you in awe.

“Second Man” is the first song that the 3one6 Artiste has put out in this year 2022 after having released commentary videos on his Solo studio album “Overflow” from 2021 (Links below).

He is back to rapping his heart out, and showing that his heart truly belongs to the Second Man, the one through whom this heart actually matters and is beating.

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Links: Audio – https://soundcloud.com/nhemy/second-man-prod-by-drvmroll

Video – https://3one6.org/videos/

Lyrics – https://3one6.org/second-man-lyrics/